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LATCAN is pleased to start an annual signature event where each year we will honor individuals who have demonstrated innovative leadership in the Latvian Canadian community.

Latvian Canadian community  means; that the individuals have some identity and relationship to  Latvian heritage, that they have become notable in the Canadian arena.  

Prior to WWII there were approximately one thousand individuals of Latvian heritage living in Canada. By 1950 this had grown to 14,000 and now stands at 24,000.

These are individuals who have been leaders in excellence in ten categories namely:
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In order to kick off the process of selecting individuals we will develop a list of ten persons in each of these categories who have demonstrated such excellence past or present in our Latvian Canadian community. A number of candidates have already been entered, please see the detail pages.

We expect to develop a panel of 4 or 5 individuals knowledgeable in each category.

We welcome nominations in each of the categories.  Please send us you views, suggestions, desire to participate in this exercise, names of candidates etc. to the attention of: Richard Lote (, Karina Mierins (, or Andrejs Bunkis ( You can also send a message to the web-master by clicking on the envelope icon below