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Peter Jansons

A must-see , the Dunes is credited with creating and bringing crafts of an internationally high calibre to the Island. Items displayed include hand-blown glass, hand-made cards, Fine Art, pottery, and more.

The Restaurant/lounge/Café is licensed, and serves haute cuisine with greens from the garden.

The spectacular view, overlooking the landscaped perennial and annual gardens and three ponds, is publicly accessible.
Featured in innumerable publications, including House and Garden's magazine this year. The striking and environmentally sympathetic slopped-roof structure, designed by Peter himself, with the help of his father. It has 4 levels, and includes a Canadian craft shop, a pottery studio, an island art gallery and an international gallery. You can watch owner Peter Jansons and assistants at work.

For more informeation see Peter’s web-site

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