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Laima Kott
University of Guelph, reasearch scientist and adjuct professor.

Research Interests:

Spring and winter canola breeding for Ontario, western Canada and Europe using doubled haploid methodology.

In vitro selection of various traits including, disease resistance, frost hardiness and oil quality improvements (eg. reduced glucosinolates, reduced saturates) in canola.

Pest resistance sourced from wide crosses with weedy relatives, including cabbage seedpod weevil resistance, root maggot resistance and flea beetle resistance.

Development of an efficient microspore culture system in corn (Zea mays) for in vitro selection for disease resistance.

Development of a universal microspore culture system for production of doubled haploids in cereals (barley and wheat)

High antioxidant (rosmarinic acid) production in Mentha spicata (spearmint) for the nutraceutical and functional food industry.

Plant Breeders’ Rights field trials for industry.

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