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Juris Puce

George Puce (born December 29, 1940 in Ontario) is a retired discus thrower, who represented Canada at the 1968 Summer Olympics. He won the bronze medal in the men's discus throw event at the 1967 Pan American Games.

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He was born in Ontario in 1940. He started his track and field career in 1959 at Canadian Latvian and Baltic track meets. In 1962 he started studies a Michigan State University but felt he could have better training in Southern California with the Striders Sports Club. In Toronto in 1964 he was already tossing the discus 58,85m which was approaching world class distance when he tossed 58,85 for the Canadian record where his competition was John Silvester, Hugh Matson, Pat O'Brian and world record holder Ludvigs Daneks. At the world Student games in budapest in 1965 he represented Canada and placed 3rd with a toss of 56,20m. At the British Commonwealth Games in 1966 he placed 2nd in the discus and 3rd in the shot put. At the Pan Am games in Winnipeg in 1967 he got bronze in in the discus.

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