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Adolfs Kristapsons

In 1953, just three years after coming to Toronto, with sheer determination, Adolfs' dream was realized when Kristapsons' Meat and Sausage Factory was opened on 1095 Queen St. East. Zelma worked shoulder to shoulder with him growing the family business. Adolfs was a born entrepreneur, a perfectionist, and a master at his craft, with uncompromising standards of excellence. With his unique recipes and original cold-smoking method, his delectable deli meats and smoked salmon were in tremendous demand. The business thrived and expanded, making a name for itself serving the best hotels, restaurants and private clubs. To his everlasting pride, his legacy and the name 'Kristapsons' smoked salmon continues to this day. During these years he tirelessly gave of his time, helping to establish and generously supporting various Latvian institutions in Toronto. He was a founding member of the Toronto Latvian Credit Union, (working well into his nineties as its Loan Director) the Toronto Latvian House and the Latvian Anglers and Hunting Club. He was a lifetime member of the Latvian National Association in Canada and on the board of the Latvian Businessmen's Association in Canada. He was the proud recipient of many Awards of Merit from these institutions.

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